Turf Care Program

Step 1.  Pre Emergent (Crab Grass and Broadleaf weed control)

Excellent lawn care usually requires attentive weed control. The most effective way to control weeds is to apply pre-emergent herbicide, a chemical that prevents unwanted weeds from appearing.


Step 1a.  Pelletized Lime          

 Lime helps the Ph balance of your soil; it will bring the more acidic soils back to a healthier and happy state that will enable the lawn to grow vigorously.


Step 2.  Straight or Fast Release Fertilizer for a Deep Root Feeding


 This application will give you lawn a shot in the arm so to speak!  Roots of the lawn will quickly receive a plentiful amount of nutrients high in Nitrogen to allow quicker greening and growth.


Step 3.  Pre Emergent (Crab Grass and Broadleaf weed control)


 A second application is required to continue attentive weed control.  The main focus of this application is to further control Crab Grass.  Crab Grass will begin to grow when spring soil temps (at a depth of 2″-3″) reach 55-60 degrees Fahrenheit.  Their seeds do not all germinate at once requiring a second application to control this hardy weed.


Step 4.  Slow Release Fertilizer with Grub and Insect Control       


 Slow release or time-release fertilizers serve a wonderful purpose.  At the time of application your lawn is in a full and vigorous growth stage.  The time-release fertilizer will lightly feed the lawn once watered in.  The rest of the material (fertilizer) will be slowly broken down over a period of time and continue to feed the lawn for 2 to 4 months depending of moisture, and other factors breaking down the material.   Insect control will do just that control insects.  Depending on the label the control of insects may be broad, and will vary on the formulations of the product.


Step 5.  Fertilizer with Fall Weed Control

Commonly know as weed and feed this application will further control weeds that may thrive due to cooling temperatures coupled with the effects the summers grueling conditions will have on a lawn.  With September upon use the cooling temperatures working with the freshly applied fertilizer will have your lawn looking extremely healthy!


Step 6.  Winterizer for Deeper Winter Root Growth

Winterizers are good to help extend the root growth due to the roots growing after you see the leave of the grass slow.  Appling a time-released fertilizer that is high in nitrogen will have your lawn greening up and looking healthy in no time come spring.



Watering – The ideal lawn is one that will grow best in your environment without lots of supplemental watering.  Turf grasses need about 3/4″ – 1″ of water per week to maintain green color and active growth.  Given a choice, water early in the day when lawns are normally wet from dew. Avoid midday watering due to excessive evaporation, and at night due to potential increased chances of some diseases gaining a foothold. The exception to this guide is when you are in extremely hot weather.


Safety – For your safety a summary of the application will be left in the mailbox, please adhere to the instructions or comments from the Certified Applicator.  A Simply Greener Side LLC and its employees have all the proper licenses required by the state of NJ.




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